FUNd For The Girls

fund for the girls

fund for the girls supports women in need by raising money to provide breast services through Baptist. Powered by FUN, we lift women above financial anxiety to stay healthy and enjoy all the fun moments of life.

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One thing we know is that when women get together to have fun, good things can happen. So while breast cancer is no laughing matter, we are using the power of women’s laughter and energy to raise money for women who need help getting breast care.

That’s where fund for the girls events come in. Read about the fun events fund for the girls has hosted. And get the information you need to sponsor your own fund for the girls event.

Remember: Whatever we do to raise money for fund for the girls, we’re going to have FUN together.

Fun To Come
What Fun We've Had
Your Turn for Something Fun
    • Turn Your Grocery Shopping Into Something "fun!"

      Help fund for the girls raise money by doing something you already do: shop for groceries. Register your Kroger Plus Card online and link it to Baptist Health Systems Fund for the Girls. Once linked, fund for the girls will earn a rebate from Kroger every time you use your card. Here is how to register your existing Kroger Plus Card:
      • Go to the top left corner of the page and click the SIGN IN button.
      • Sign in if you have already registered your card to your email address.
      • If you have not registered your card, then you must create an account.
      • Enter Baptist Health Systems Fund for the Girls or the number 82409 in the blank and click SEARCH.
      • Select Baptist Health Systems Fund for the Girls and click SAVE.

  • Host a fund for the girls Event

    If you and your girlfriends like getting together and doing something fun, you can host a fund for the girls event to raise money for women in need. No amount is too small or too great to make a difference to a woman who needs breast care.

    Find out how to host an event